Message Desk

D.A.V. Public School
Shri Ajay Suri

Manager's Message

Education, I believe, is the basis of all progress. The entire purpose of education today, is not to restrict to acquiring knowledge. The true hallmark of education are building character, increasing the strength for mind, expending intellect, honing skills and improving the employability of youth - the future leaders. D.A.V. Public School, Sector 14, Faridabad is committed to developing students of high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, versatility and above all strong moral character. It is happiness unlimited to be a part of this journey and see the school progressing at an exponential rate and moving forward confidently. I am sure that the students who pass through portals of this institution will carry forward the ideals and values that school stands for.

D.A.V. Public School
Mrs. Anita Gautam

Principal's Message

"Life always begins with one step outside of our comfort zone." Shannon L. Alder. Life is a perennial journey of excellence, infused with learning experiences. Every experience empowers the learner to be even more enriched with confidence. To thrive in the modern world, a child needs to be equipped with divergent thinking, creative ideas and inspired learning. We need to create a symphony in the hearts of our young students by instilling discipline in them. Along with academic competencies, we must inculcate in them the moral values of integrity, loyalty, honesty, compassion and co-operation. To prepare the children to keep pace with the fast-changing world, the teachers and parents have to join hands and put in valiant efforts. The children expect the parents to be their role models and spend some quality time with them. The need for the hour is for parents to keep themselves updated and keep their children cyber secure (the major requirement of the hi-tech world). If we value the self-esteem of our children and ask for their co-operation in each and every field, they will feel confident and will be geared up to face the world with an open mind, to materialized their dreams and stand victorious in the odyssey of life.